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2017| Waking Above Water

          Damascus- disable people workshop

          A training workshop on photography, image editing, design, filmmaking, and some
          important skills through small project management and marketing. Each trainee has been
          empowered to acquire a new skill appropriate to his/her physical condition.

           e number of persons with disabilities has increased during the last five years due to the
          war as a direct factor and its results such as the lack of medical care as an indirect factor.
          And this category is the most a ected by the economic and social problems experienced

          by the society, not to mention the public view of disabled people as a consuming and
          non-productive category and as one of the biggest obstacles in the way of the economic

          development of the community.
           e workshop aimed to enable the trainees to use new and developed tools, and the
          results of their e orts were a clear and tangible indication of the workshop impact on their

          p potentials and production inside the society and the transformation of their disabilities to
          an active force.
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