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Lattakia- On the Laundry Rope

          The community in Lattakia seems to be more harmonious -at least in terms of form- the components of society coexist with
          each other, participants who were displaced from cities which are directly affected by the violent acts of war talked about

          their easy integration in Lattakia.
          The high level of education is really remarkable in Lattakia and it made the implementation of the workshop much easier.

          The trainees wanted to express their feelings towards the city through a silent film that monitors the lives of two persons
          living in Lattakia.

          «On the Laundry Rope» a film made by Peace Lens workshop in Lattakia in 2016.
          Duration: 8 minutes.
          «The film is a silent portrait of the city, made by 10 young persons highlighting two characters, the first one is a young man

          who lives in isolation after all his friends traveled, and the second is an old woman with Alzheime’s»
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