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Al-Hassaka-  e Destructive Diversity!

          In Al-Hassaka we found the most diverse society, the richest in terms of natural and cultural
          resources, and the most miserable and poor!

           at’s how we can summarize peace lens’ experiment in Al-Hassaka.
           e sons of Al-Hassaka speak 3 native languages and more than 20 dialects, the city itself has
          been the sanctuary for thousands of the people of Deir Azzor a er the conflict reached their

           ere was an old wall of estrangement between the people before the war, this wall is now

          higher, it is no longer another dialect or a language… everybody fears everybody.
          Our aim was clear;  ree IDPs from Deir al-Zour in addition to people of all components of the

          community, all nationalities, religions and sects participated in the workshop. we tried to
          redirect their attention to the very bad reality of their city at all levels and a few days were
          enough to bring them together around the idea of their film which depicts the transformation

          of oil from a blessing to a curse.

          « Divide… conquer » a film made by Peace Lens workshop in Al-Hassaka in 2016.
          Duration: 7 minutes.
          «In Al-Hasakah, oil wells are le  for robbery and looting, oil refining in primitive ways, refineries

          leave behind fetus deformities... dead crops and livestock. »
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