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2016| Swimming Towards the Surface

          Hama- Exiled Heart!

          The first stop for the workshop in 2016 was in Hama. The energy, enthusiasm and openness showed by the youths there

          surprised us considering the state of isolation sensed in the city. Some participants from Salamiah were visiting Hama for
          the first time in their lives although they live only 20 km away.
          This state of isolation goes back to the negative image that has been promoted on Hama for years, and out of this image

          Peace Lens created its film.
          The question was “Why is Hama frightening the citizens of other Syrian cities?” We should draw a true and new image for

          this city.
          In addition to the high technical training based on scientific references and the great experiences of the trainers, the
          workshop contributed to re-establishing the link between the social patterns. «After the workshop, the sons of Hama

          visited Salamiah city and met its people, work and communication are still ongoing among them”.
          «Green Line» a film made by Peace Lens workshop in Hama in 2016.

          Duration: 6 minutes.
          «while the present of Hama should be colored and green, the city seems pale and dim. something disconnected the city
          from its beautiful past and from its people as well».
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