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Tartous- What’s Le  of Zaher

          In Tartous, instead of going into the stereotypes of the locals, the participants went «underground, above the sky, and
          among olive trees».  e workshop headed towards a forgotten place on the outskirts of the city,  e IDPs’ camp, in an

          attempt to discover the new dark side that the war le  in this city.
          Trapped behind an imaginary barrier, the people of the camp had some stories to tell, and the workshop participants

          searched for this barrier, entered the camp and documented the situation of its residents.
          «Underground, above the sky and among olive trees» a film made by Peace Lens workshop in Tartous in 2015.

           Duration: 18 minutes.
          “ ere are more innovative ways of death than you can think of. Produced by the fi h year of the war, the film tells

          a story about a group of Syrian citizens who fled from the countryside of Aleppo to inhabit the outskirts of Tartous and
          drawn into another vortex of death”.
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