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Homs- Tearing Down the Delusive Walls

          Homs was our second destination, where the participants were very clear about their differences considering the division
          that was created by the war in this old city. at that moment, those participants believed that they will never gather in one
          place. So, «Peace Lens» arrived to take part in addressing this problem.

          The idea of the film was to dig in for what brings them and the rest of Homsi people together, and there it was… Khamis

          An occasion that was celebrated only by the people of Homs who used to celebrate this occasion annually until the
          beginning of the war 2011. During the research about Khamis Al-Halawah the participants found Rwaida, the heroine of
          their achieved film who despite her simplicity was able to bring them together and turned the entire track of the film.

          «Rwaida» a film made by Peace Lens workshop in Homs in 2015.
          Duration: 5 minutes.

          «The film presents the story of Rwaida, the girl who draws on the walls of the devastated city of Homs. The girl who
          spreads life inspite of all the destruction».
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