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2015| Digging deep

          Damascus- Non-creative change

          In Damascus, the workshop involved young men and women from di erent social backgrounds who were gathered by

          their love to filmmaking.  ey were supposed to come up with an idea in order to make a documentary. But there was a
          huge di erence in opinions. A er several experiments, we made a film about their di erence, and a newborn film took
          the name «2000 Watts, lights in Depth».

           e film monitors Damascus workshop trainees explaining their di erent views and telling their reality, outlook on life,
          and their dreams.
          A er the workshop, many trainees and with the help of «Peace Lens» started working on filmmaking and on community

          «2000 watts, light in depth» a film made by Peace Lens in Damascus in 2015
          Duration: 13 minutes.

          « e black space that separates the light in the depth and the voices is the film that we wanted to make, we filled the
          void with everything we once wanted to say and could not».
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