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2019| Effective Integration Boot Camp

          Damascus – Ten Boot Camp

          Persons with disabilities are considered one of the most affected social segments by the crisis in Syria, with this segment’s
          number continuing to increase it became very necessary to support, empower and enable this segment to achieve

          resilience and ensure inclusive effort for achieving sustainable development goals.
          Ten Boot Camp did not only work on training participants on graphic design, photography, short promotional filmmaking
          and designing and implementing media campaigns. We also  worked on the tenth goal of SDGs “Reducing inequality

          between countries and among them” including 10 participants from PWD and 10 other from persons without disabilities
          in order for the camp to create a social environment that reinforces the concept of inclusion in community, leaving an

          impact of different life experience in addition to the learning one.
          In this camp, Peace Lens team has two former PWD trainees from Peace Lens workshop for PWD in 2017 (Ahmad Mousa:
          a photographer and Roaa Hamza: Communication team).

          Trainees were divided into ten couples where every person without disability accompany with a PWD, sharing the same

          At the end of the camp, the 20 trainees come with an idea of a digital platform named “Dal”.
          “Dal” is the first independent Syrian digital platform designed for social media “specifically for Facebook” that works on
          creating a common space for both PWD and persons without disability and enhance communication for integration.
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